From January 2012 Il fumetto Uccide (that means “Comics kills” – like “Smoke Kills” – in italian Smoke is FUMO and Comics is FUMETTO- but in english there is another meaning: “Comic Skills”) launches an anomalous contest for comic strip artists, illustrators, writers and cartoonists: the MUTUAL CONTEST

That’s not a contest, but rather a mutual contest. Just a way to favor the free circulation of artistic ideas. It’s free, and there will be no charges.


The 10 best works, selected by a jury, will be exposed  at Galleria L’Affiche, in Milan, in May-June 2012.




MM is so many things: metronome Mälzel, “two thousand” in the Roman numbers, millimeter but also megametro, the plate of Memmingen. It i salso the abbreviation for “Maryknoll Sisters”. And above all everyone has been in Milan knows, it is the acronym for “Metropolitane di Milano” (Milan Subway). Atrocious place of massive loneliness.

This category picks up comic strips  titled “MM” with every possible interpretation of the two letters.

Involved actors: comic strip artists

Deadline: February 12 th 2012

√ Comics must be original, unpublished and can be in B/W and/or in colour; maximum length is 4 pages, maximum format is 35 x 50cm.



Illustrations free from the text, as independent works. And texts that illustrate them, to create a story by capsizing the usual subjection of the image to the text.

Involved actors: illustrators and writers

Deadline for illustrators: April 12 th 2012

√ Illustrations (free subject) must be original, hand drawn/painted, unpublished and can be in B/W and/or in colour; maximum format is 50 x 70cm.

Deadline for writers: May 12 th 2012

√ Short stories must be original: maximum lenght: 500 words.



Animated short films (5 min): street stories about loneliness. I.E. Outsiders in the outside.

Involved actors: cartoonists

Deadline: May 12 th 2012

√√ Authors can send a maximum of 2 works for each section. The original artwork, along with a brief CV and link to blog or site, must be sent by mail to the following address:



Inserisci i tuoi dati qui sotto o clicca su un'icona per effettuare l'accesso:


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